Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to simply decaffeinate Green tea?

First the questions comes why decaffeinate Green tea is needed. The answer is actually its having some side effect,moreover its not suitable to be given to children and elder patients.There is a very easy method to get rid of 80-90% of caffeine from that Green Tea.Here are the following method-

Simply Immerse the tea for a minute in hot water and discard the liquid.After that add hot water again and Immerse in the manner you would normally use to brew a cup of that tea.In this manner we can get rid of 90% of the caffeine which is actually released into the first brief infusion. Keep in Mind that if you want to Purchase the decaffeinated tea,be sure it is prepared by the Swiss water method, or CO2 processed Manner.

Green Tea Recipes

Green Tea becoming very essential in our daily life.People taking this in various forms in different weather.Green Tea could be taken in both Hot and cold form.Green Tea not only taken by adults but Elderly patients also consume it.The Green tea drink could also act as energy drink for the athletes.Nowadays the Green tea been presented to the children in form of cookies and cakes.

Green Tea Recipes for Children - There are wide range of Green Tea recipes available for Children .Some famous Green Tea Children recipes are as follows :

Green Tea Cake Recipes

Green Tea Ice-cream Recipes

Green Tea Cake and Pastry Recipes

Green Tea Hot Chicken Soup Recipes

NOTE - When given to children and older person,it should be given in decaffeinated form.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Green Tea Health Benefits

Green tea is having wide range of health benefits and day by day its range seems increasing.

•Green tea is used as nervous stimulant

• Green tea being used to treat various types of cancer like Ovarian,Colorectal,Pancreatic,Prostate Cancer .

• Its also been beneficial in rheumatoid arthritis

• Treatment of cariovascular disease like Atherosclerosis which is a type of coronary disease.

• Acts as astringent which actually control the bleeding by its healing properties.

• Green tea been used as treatment of gas or irradiate flatulence in the body.

• Green tea regulates the Blood sugar level of the body.

• It Balances the Body temperature.

• Increases or improves digestion

• Prevent Dental plaque -this is for the Anti-Bacterial properties found in Green tea which prevents for the bacterial growth in our teeth.

• Treatment of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.Recent studies shows that the Polyphenols found in Green tea actually have protective power to brains.

• Improves the Body Immune system

• Treat high cholesterol levels